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FMX 2.0 RWD Drift KIT

Artikelnummer: MST532168

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FMX 2.0 RWD Drift KIT

MST / 532168 / FMX 2.0 2WD 1/10 Drift Car KIT


  • Specification: 1:10 Drift Car
  • Wheelbase: 257mm
  • Width: 190mm
  • Drive Mode: RWD
  • Caster: Adjustable 6° (6/8/10/12)
  • Camber: Adjustable 0° to -12°
  • Bearing: Full ball bearing
  • Damper: Aluminium Oil damper Set


  • Middle motor mounts and centralized configurations.
  • Carbon fiber chassis with dual vertical carbon fiber upper deck.
  • New great amount front suspension system.
  • Adjustable Ackerman angle variation in 2 sections of steering system.
  • Front steering wheel base KPI at 6 degrees. - 0.5 towing distance of axle.
  • Newly designed front upper arm inside seat supports 10-steps bi-side adjustments.
  • Full dust-proof rear gearbox with the bevel gear shaft drive.
  • Standard ball differential.
  • Variable second reduction ratio of the rear axle in a total of 6 variable range of 1.78-3.82 (standard 3.82).
  • Newly designed MB multi-link rear suspension system.
  • Rear drive system equipped with the steel CVD drive shaft.
  • Standard aluminum high smooth hydraulic damper set.
  • Equipped with the high-smooth metal ball connectors.
  • Standard equipping with the realistic car brake and caliper set.

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