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Team Orion

Team Orion Battery Protection Box (Small)

Artikelnummer: ORI43040

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Team Orion Battery Protection Box (Small)

Thanks to LiPo batteries, radio controlled model enthusiasts worldwide can enjoy better performance, longer run times and better longevity. LiPo batteries have more power and capacity than similar sized NiMH or NiCd batteries.

However, the extra performance of LiPo batteries also come with extra risks in case of damage or misuse. The risk of fire is higher than other battery popular battery types. Whether it is caused by cell failure, overcharging or mechanical damage, there is an inherent fire risk with the LiPo technology.

Users need to be very careful when handling, charging and storing these batteries. You must not store LiPo batteries randomly around your house, they need to be kept in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight and flammable materials.

To help mitigate the risks caused by the use and storage of LiPo batteries, we now offer specially designed “Military style” steel boxes to store your LiPo batteries. The boxes are equipped with purposely fitted foam padding and rubber seals, the boxes protect the batteries from mechanical damage and are also air tight.

Thanks to our LiPo boxes, you can safely store your batteries, they are protected from external damage and your surroundings are protected from the batteries.

Stop taking chances, store your LiPo batteries in one of our LiPo boxes.

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