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Bücker 133 Jungmeister, 1100mm Epoxy Rumpf,Fertigflügel

Artikelnummer: AN-1348-00

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Bücker 133 Jungmeister, 1100mm Epoxy Rumpf,Fertigflügel

The Bucker Jungmeister Bu-133 is a 1930s sport biplane with almost legendary status. It was designed for aerobatic flight.
Jungmeister translates into English as "Young Master", and that is exactly what this plane was supposed to make out of learner pilots.
What gave it it's huge fame, is the fact that the Luftwaffe decided that it was the ideal trainer aircraft for WWII fighter pilots  who after learning aerobatic flight in a Jungmeister would then fly the Me109 and FW190 in combat.

This model is a take off grass electric aerobat. It's not designed for totally fast flying, or for vertical 3D  prop hanging in a hover. But it has plenty of power for everything in between these two styles.

It was designed for a geared brushed motor but is perfect for a brushless outrunner type flying on 200 - 450 watts.

A battery of 3S lipoly is sufficient, so is a 10 cell pack of 220 nimh batteries. But it really flies well with 4S lipoly 3200s.
Because of the design a bigger battery is not necessary.


The component system is largely prefabricated, so it is an RTC (ready-to-cover) quick build kit.  This means it is not suitable for total beginners.
The fuselage is pre-made from epoxy fibreglass also the engine cowling.

The wings and tail are supplied pre-built from conventional balsa construction and ready to cover. 

  • Wingspan  ca. 1100 mm   
  • Length  ca. 1008 mm   
  • Wing area  ca. 35.63 dm²   
  • Weight  ca. 2300 g   
  • Wing load  ca. 64.55 g/dm²  


  • Detailed building instructions and plans
  • Epoxy white fibreglass fuselage
  • Ready built sheeted wings
  • Pre-made fibreglass ducts
  • ABS and wooden pre-cut parts to finish the model
  • Decal Sheet
  • Parts to finish the plane:  small items, linkage hardware pack

RC functions

  • Rudder
  • Elevator
  • Aileron
  • Throttle
Spannweite Bis 1,6m

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